10 Lovely Cup and Saucer Sets for Your Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea has certain traditions—finger sandwiches, crumbly scones with clotted cream and jam, sweets, and of course, the tea itself. Always served in delicate little cups with matching saucers is the latter, which is always served in tiny portions in delicate little glasses. Royal Crown Derby and Royal Albert offer classic floral-patterned sets; Anthropologie likewise offers lovely patterns from basic black monochrome to bright multicolour. Read on to see 10 cup and saucer sets that are ideal for morning or afternoon tea.

1. The Delicate White and Gold Set

Because Anthropologie offers gorgeous stemware, it should come as no surprise that its teacups are just as appealing. This set combines the ornate patterns you’d anticipate with a more modern, streamlined design.

2. The Monochromatic Set

If you’re not a fan of flowery patterns, this black set is a fantastic option. The saucers’ edges are simply ruffled to mimic flowers in a more subtle way.

3. The Cheerful Wedgwood Set

This Wonderlust playset has a wonderful bright and cheery colour scheme that would look great for a garden party.

4. The Royal Crown Derby Set

The designs on this collection are influenced by the textures and weaves of flowers and plants, according to the product description.

5. The “Marble” Set

This porcelain set would make a wonderful present for the dear friend who has to have everything in marble.

6. The Sky Blue Set

The saucer of this set, which was created in Hungary, is covered with a hand-painted butterfly design.

7. The Minimalist Glass Set

If you’re not a huge tea enthusiast, this glass set with two elegant teacups and matching saucers is the best option. The good news? They’re also dishwasher-safe.

8. The Blue-and-White Patterned Set

This detailed blue-and-white set, which includes a teapot and six cups, is also dishwasher-safe, so you may drink tea as often as you like.

9. The Royal Albert Classic

The company describes the floral pattern as a “teatime classic,” and this particular design, “Old Country Roses,” was originally released in 1962. The design is based on an English country garden in full bloom, according to the brand.

10. The Maximalist

This bright Anthropologie set will add a splash of colour to your table setting—you may choose between Geo Lilac (left) and Geo Teal, which leans bluer and coral.

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