A Spring Tea Party Hosting Guide

Spring is right around the corner, and I can’t wait for Spring Tea Parties to start! In fact, my friend Joannie started us off with an (almost) spring tea party on Sunday, and it was a smash. How can you go wrong when you add great tea, delicious foods, a relaxing atmosphere, and wonderful company? You simply can’t!

Many of you might be thinking about throwing a spring tea party, and we’re here to help you get ready. These events don’t have to be difficult; keep it simple at all times. Here are some ideas for making an amazing spring tea party that seems effortless:

The Location:

Ideally, a spring party on the patio or backyard is ideal-except for those of us, who don’t live in places with enough warmth yet. It’s still too cold for many of us. To keep the mood light and airy, pick an area in your home that gets a lot of natural light—a sunroom or any place with a skylight are both good choices.

Setting The Table: 

The secret is to keep your linens (table runner/cloth and napkin linens) matching, which can be eclectic and mismatched. The identical table and napkin linen set tied the whole table together.

Keep it casual (mismatched vintage cups, saucers, and teapots).

For each set: cup, saucer, dessert plate, fork, knife (if needed), and napkin. The napkin should be placed in the teacup for attractive placement.

Don’t forget the cream and sugar, as well as teaspoons!

The Menu:

The majority of the time, light teas are served. You want finger foods that satisfy yet don’t overload your guests. For a gathering of up to eight people, here is a simple suggested menu that should take you about an hour and a half in the kitchen.

  • Cucumber Tea Sandwiches: A simple sandwich made with cucumber, dill, and a thin layer of butter is both light and tasty.
  • Macarons: Need I go on? They’re delectable, light (in moderation), and gorgeous! You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to prepare these dishes; they may even be store-bought! ·
  • Fruit: Keep a tray of raspberries and blueberries on hand at all times. They’ll be consumed.
  • Scones: Don’t be scared; scones are simple to prepare and a must-have at every tea party. Scones can be completed in around 35 minutes and are beautifully complemented with butter (or Devonshire cream if you’re feeling fancy) and jam from start to finish.
  • TeaDrops: TeaDrops is the perfect way to end a meal. Our Golden Amber (Vanilla White Tea), which is ideal for spring, has a lovely aroma and flavour that lingers in your mouth.

The most important thing is to have a good time and to make your guests feel welcome. Make the process straightforward for yourself.

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