How to Throw a Summer Tea Gathering

Summer has stolen our hearts away. Any time is a wonderful opportunity for a tea party, and summer really has taken over. Summer tea parties have so many different possibilities. Is it hot or cold? Inside or outside? To play games or not to play games? Your creative abilities are the only limits on your options.

Plan Your Meals Around the Weather

While a glass of iced tea during the hot hours is a comfort, a cup of hot tea in the cooler mornings is also appreciated. It’s simple to put together a more classic brunch tea like this royal purple tea party. The cooler temperatures in the early morning hours make it enjoyable to go outside and set up a lovely table or lay out a blanket and watch the weather. Since it’s not yet too warm, why not create a bagel bar and let your guests serve themselves?

As the afternoons grow hotter, it becomes more difficult to come up with a delicious meal that won’t also heat up the house. This is when switching to an iced tea, and maybe even creating a cocktail out of it, is beneficial. Summer is all about having fun in the great outdoors, after all, so who doesn’t enjoy a sweet hibiscus lime drink made with our Happy Hour herbal tea? Or try combining peaches n’ cream oolong tea with a peach-flavoured twist.

For supper, make a simple dish such as pasta salad or summer soup. This is also an excellent opportunity to utilize your no-bake dishes, such as marinated olives or a fruity salsa.

Get In the Game

Another advantage of holding a summer tea party is the chance to play some outdoor games. Simple activities, like croquet or corn hole, are always welcome. Form teams and play a pickup soccer game or softball. You may also make your own games, such as nature-inspired bingo or an obstacle course, using spray paint on the grass. You could also go above and beyond by inviting your guests to wear swimming costumes and participate in water games. The thing about summer parties is that they provide an opportunity for a fun and casual gathering. It’s acceptable to get messy or damp when you’re outside, yet everyone still has a good time. You may make your party more memorable by playing some games while also keeping your visitors amused.

We know that you’ll enjoy summer entertaining as much as we do, so throw your own outdoor summer tea party soiree and we promise you’ll develop a newfound appreciation for it. While we offer a number of suggestions above, we’re always interested in hearing from our readers. Tell us some of your favourite summer tea party ideas on social media!

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